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Stolen Bite · Women of the Otherworld Fans
22nd-Feb-2010 12:03 am(no subject) [type: fanfiction]
Death Is Beautiful

Title:  The Forever Dreamer
Warnings/Spoils: Slash (male/male love). Angst.
Ships/Parings: Lucas Cortez/Sean Nast
Word Count: 2,896
Summary: Moments like these, so marked and poignant, so fleeting. Sean/Lucas ship. •SLASH•
Author's Notes: Man, I would kill if someone in the Fandom could comment on this. The only person to review this said they liked my font. Anon reviews are welcome on my FF.net page. :pleading eyes:

(Please read me.)
thrones ♔ you can't expect me to be fine
Kelley Armstrong just updated her official website with the page for Women of the Otherworld's 11th book, Waking The Witch. You can see it here. The book should hit store in August 2010.

Preview under the cut, spoilers to anyone who doesn't want to know about it.Collapse )
26th-Oct-2009 11:04 pm - Fic: Hungry Like The 1/1 [type: fanfiction]
katamari pint sized prince
Title: Hungry Like The
Author: Sorrel
Fandom: Darkest Powers Series by Kelley Armstrong, also with characters from the Women of the Otherworld series
Pairing(s): Chloe/Derek
Spoilers: Through Awakening.
Word Count: 8,444
Rating: R
Warnings: none
Summary: Necromancer Chloe Saunder's life has fallen into a pattern: ghosts, zombies, and living with her dad and counting down the days till college, while she escapes to Stonehaven to stay with the werewolf Pack every chance she gets. Her mentor lives there part of the year, but Jaime Vegas isn't the main reason that she's always drawn back. If Derek can't leave Stonehaven to come see her, well, she's always going to find the time to go to him. And one of these days, he's going to figure out why.

The story is here at my journal.
Angel - Hero
Hi all, I've just joined this community and I wanted to share this fanmix I put together after reading (and loving) Bitten. Oh, and Elena & Clay = ♥

| preview |

Title: Howl | An Elena/Clayton Fanmix
Fandom: Women of the Otherworld
Pairing: Elena/Clayton

| until I wrap myself inside your arms I cannot rest |
(buffy) other
Seeing as Frostbitten comes out tomorrow (September 29th), I thought we'd speculate as to what will happen in this new book. And I'd also like to take the time to point out that any future posts containing spoilers from Frostbitten please be included under a cut so no one gets spoiled beforehand.

Here's the summary for the book:
+Collapse )

So, any guesses as to what will happen?
25th-Sep-2009 10:18 am(no subject) [type: discussion]
Smoakin', Felicity Smoak
Since Frostbitten comes out Tuesday here in the US and I already ordered my copy...I guess I'm going to start another discussion. I'd love to see this community thrive.

I was going to do a character related one, but I'll save that for another time. I'm a mythology fan and I actually spent most of my summer reading about werewolves before I got into this series. And that's exactly what drew me to it, werewolves and particularly a female werewolf, who is considered a rarity, only now am I seeing more and more female werewolves.

So on the topic of werewolves. Do you think that other shows/movies/books show a humanity to werewolves that Kelley Armstrong has?

My answer which is kind of long and includes research that I found that fellow werewolf enthusiasts may enjoyCollapse )
17th-Sep-2009 11:42 pm - mod approved, of course.
(buffy) other

off topic community for those who like to talk about themselves.
16th-Sep-2009 10:17 am(no subject) [type: discussion]
Smoakin', Felicity Smoak
Hi I'm Shoshana and I've recently gotten introduced to the books, started with Bitten about the end of July and have read all of the books within the past month and a half (including Men of the Otherworld).  I've become a huge geek and bought every book as soon as I could so that I could have the collection (embarrassedly, I own two Bettas and named them Jeremy and Antonio).

Two things...one discussion: Which are your favourite books and who are your favourite characters?

My favourites so far are: Bitten, Stolen, Broken and No Humans Involved.  And par the books, Elena and Jaime are my favourites, although Paige has grown on me and made her two books the next on my favourites list.   Jaime was a surprising favourite since when I read Industrial Magic, I thought she was a huge flake and someone I would read this series and find very annoying.  Elena's my obvious favourite since I love werewolves.   Of the male characters, Clay and Lucas are my favourites, followed by Nick and Jeremy.

And thing two: Does anyone rp (role play) any of the male characters from Women of the Otherworld.  I've been dying to play Elena, Jaime or Paige (or even give Lucas a shot)...also, I had a weird Original Character idea for a rp.  Someone give me my fix?  I've been looking on communities and found no one to work with.
unwavering like metronome heartbeats
clay/elena. r. 434.
Because in the morning, she'll wake up and hate that it ever happened. Too bad every one of his touches is just another whispered I love you.
clay-centric. first fic for this fandom, and i've only read bitten so far -- don't spoil me! hope you like.

( i need to take a pill to make this town feel okay )
(fashion) move with you
title: let's fake romance and i'll be someone else
author: lastupenda
rating: r, language and hinted sexual situations.
pairing: elena/clay
note: takes place a few years before bitten. title taken for charlotte sometimes' toy soldier. written as a birthday gift for woven.

it's okay if we play pretend, i promise to forgetCollapse )
(buffy) other
So, I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this but Kelley Armstrong has a Twitter that she updates almost every day with the progress of her books and other stuff.

She also launched a sort of mini-story that is a lead up to Frostbitten (to be released this year, apparently) in Elena's voice. So basically, Elena has her own Twitter and you can read more about the set up over here. I strongly recommend you don't even click on Elena's Twitter unless you have at least read Broken since it's very spoilery and deals with big stuff that happens later on in the books.
8th-Jul-2009 11:43 am(no subject) [type: discussion]
courtesan ☆ satine
I really hope this community isn't completely dead.

I'm only partially through Stolen, but I was wondering; who would you cast to play the characters of Bitten or Stolen if you were to make a movie of the books? I haven't thought of anyone that could really fit the characters, but I haven't given it much thought, either.
21st-Jan-2009 10:47 pm - Welcome to Stolen Bite! [type: affiliates]
Welcome to Stolen Bite, a fan community for Kelley Armstrong and her Women of the Otherworld series. This is also a place for all her other related projects and future movie franchises (if we are lucky enough!). Feel free to post anything you please -- from fanfic to art, discussion to speculation. All spoilers should be put under a cut in respect for those that are currently reading the books.

If you would like to be an affiliate, please comment here with the name of your community and/or project.
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