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stolenbite's Journal

Stolen Bite · Women of the Otherworld Fans
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For fans of Kelley Armstrong, her Women of the Otherworld series, and other related projects.

about the community and series.

Welcome to Stolen Bite, a fan community for Kelley Armstrong and her Women of the Otherworld series. This is also a place for all her other related projects and future movie franchises (if we are lucky enough!). Feel free to post anything you please -- from fanfic to art, discussion to speculation -- as long as it abides by the simple rules and guidelines below.

Kelley Armstrong is a Canadian author, primarily of fantasy works. She has published fourteen fantasy/supernatural novels to date, all set in the world of Women of the Otherworld series, and two crime fiction novels. She has also written several serial novellas and short stories for the Otherworld series. Women of the Otherworld is a fantasy series that features werewolves, witches, necromancers, and vampires struggling to fit as "normal" in today's world. The series also includes novellas and short stories, published online (and one in an anthology).

rules and guidelines.

01. All posts need to be on topic and relating to Kelley Armstrong, the Otherworld series, or related projects.

02. Considering that the Otherworld series is rather long and not everyone has completed reading it, please make sure that whenever you post something (fanart, fanfiction, discussions, etc) you warn from which books it may contain spoilers from.

03. When posting fiction or art, please include a header letting other members know the rating, content, and spoilers within your fan work. You can use this template, if you like -- just fill in the information after the </b>'s.

04. Fanfiction or fanart must be Otherworld series related. It doesn't matter what characters are used or what couples are featured, as long as the main focus of the work is based off of the series.

05. Be kind to others! This is the most important rule as it is what keeps this well-oiled machine going. If you disagree with someone, discuss it in a calm and civilized manner. Also, if you are not a fan of certain characters, plot elements, and/or couples, don't waste time trolling the community; you'll be deleted and banned.

06. Promotions are totally fine, as long as your project is Otherworld related. Do try to explain a little about your project so others can gain interest.

07. Please put larger blocks of text (over 200 words) and graphics behind a cut. Teasers are allowed, but they should not exceed 300px by 300px.

08. Do try to tag your post using existing tags. If a tag you want to use is not available, leave a note in your post about it; A moderator will try to find something and/or create a tag to help categorize your post.

09. If you have problems or concerns, please feel free to contact a mod using LiveJournal's private messaging system. Comments on our personal journals will be ignored and deleted.

links of interest.

Official Author Site
Official Series Site
Author Wikipedia Page
Series Wikipedia Page
Amazon Store
SciFan Page
Google Books Page


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